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S'mores Brownie

S'mores Brownie

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :) There are TWO recipes to share today. :)

When we get together for Thanksgiving dinner at our house, we have so many great things...except for chocolate. We NEVER have chocolate!


So, this year I made two chocolatey desserts to mend that glaring issue.

I feel like there was definitely a s'mores trend earlier this year? I'm not sure if it's still happening, so I might be hopping on the bandwagon a bit late for this one, but s'mores are pretty great regardless. I wanted to make a brownie oozing with chocolatey goodness for this cozy holiday, and these did the trick!

The recipe used for this post can be found here.

Here are the ingredients used for the recipe.

Baking the cake. Pretty standard stuff since it's from a box mix.


Now that the brownie's done, it's time to use a large wooden skewer to poke some holes!


This is so the marshmallow fluff can seep into the brownies.


Microwaved the marshmallow fluff- it totally expands like normal marshmallows. Added a bit of water to thin it out and help spreadability.


The marshmallow fluff is on the brownie! It didn't really spread once I poured it on so I evened it out with a small toothpick.


Time to put the fudge on! I microwaved it for a bit so it wouldn't clump while pouring it on the brownie.


It clumped a little...could probably microwave it for longer next time.


With the sticky hot fudge on we can add the graham crackers and mini marshmallows!


Now here we're supposed to broil the dish 4-6 inches from the top of the oven for 2-3 minutes. I'm new to broiling in baking...let's see how it goes.



I happened to check on it ~40 seconds in the oven and this happened! Guys, I was so scared. There was smoke everywhere when I opened the oven, I had to rush around and open all the doors and windows. I did NOT expect such an intense outcome...and I fried the marshmallows! :(


I had come so far, I couldn't give up now! I used our food scissors and cut off all the burnt pieces from the dish. 10 mins and many sticky napkins later I've reset the brownie. Time for attempt #2.


I lowered the dish from the top rack and WATCHED IT LIKE A HAWK. I will tell you that even though it was much further down the oven it only took 25 seconds for this to happen. Our ovens must be very different because I can't even imagine what this would look like after 2-3 mins!


The rest of the fudge has been added, and voila! S'mores brownie with LOVELY browned marshmallow topping complete. It looks both delicious and intimidatingly sticky. (Cutting it took a while.)

The marshmallow didn't sink in as much as I was hoping. But! The overall result was still delicious. If I were to change anything I'd add even MORE chocolate. :P


Lessons learned:

  • Broiling. It's in a league of its own. You need to watch what you're baking the entire time, no matter what the recipe says.
  • Poke slightly larger holes in the brownie. The overall result was delicious, but it seemed like the marshmallows didn't seep in enough.
    • Other option- add more water to the marshmallow fluff so it pours more easily?
  • When slicing sticky things, having a hot knife helps it cut through more easily.
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