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Easy Valentines Day Pretzels

Easy Valentines Day Pretzels

Decorated pretzels make for a cute and thoughtful gift for almost any occasion. They also work well when you need to use up extra candy melts... ;)

For this post these pretzels have a Valentines Day theme. These were originally created for my Valentines Day Cupcakes, but you can also opt to just make the pretzels and wrap them in a nice bag for a sweet and salty gift! The best part is that these require very few ingredients and very little work.


  • Pretzel Twists
  • Red Wilton Candy Melts
  • White Wilton Candy Melts
  • Shortening or Paramount Crystals

First I'll melt up some red Wilton candy melts in a double boiler. I've added paramount crystals (works the same as shortening) to help the melts from clumping up or being too thick in consistency.


Next we dip each pretzel. Gently tapping on the dipping tool or your hand that's holding the dipping tool will help shake off any excess coating.


Then lay them out onto some parchment paper to dry.


Once they've all dried I'll melt up some white Wilton candy melts for drizzling. I like to just line up the pretzels and go back and forth horizontally. 


Once the white candy melts have dried, you're almost set! I take this time to pick off any extra coating that might still hanging off the pretzel. Now you're all set! That wasn't too bad, right? 


All you have to do now is bag them up and then you've got an easy Valentines Day gift that's tasty and thoughtful. I ran out of ribbons but you can easily fancy the bag up by tying it with some nice red or white ribboning. I'll make sure to remember that next time!

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