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Taco Night at the Tate's

Taco Night at the Tate's

Hey all! This is just a quick post about how I make tacos. Not reinventing the wheel here, but if this helps people add something new to their taco nights...awesome! :)

Taco Meat.jpg

I usually buy 2 pounds of 80/20 beef and then cook it over the stove, pretty standard. My favorite part is adding the taco seasoning (I've been trying out the taco bell seasoning).

Once the beef is cooked I'll drain the fat and put the meat off to the side. In the same pan I used to cook the beef, I'll prep the seasoning with however much water is needed. Once the mix is thoroughly stirred I'll put the beef back in and it's pretty much ready to go after that! The seasoning just takes it to another level that's totally worth the bit of extra effort.

Taco Shell Secret.jpg

For the taco shells we get a little creative. I haven't seen anyone else do this but we like to crumple up little aluminum balls to keep the shells from collapsing on themselves in the oven. Gotta maximize room for all the taco toppings!

(I think that's the closest I have to an original cooking secret/hack so far.)

Taco Condiments.jpg

After that, as I'm sure you know, it really just comes down to what sides you want. I'm pretty basic and am happy with beef, cheese, lettuce and more cheese, along with some hot sauce. :P 

Tacos at the Tates.jpg

Annnnd there we have it! Taco night at the Tate's! Easy to prep, and way too easy to eat!

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