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Za’atar Crusted Salmon

Za’atar Crusted Salmon

I had never heard of za'atar spice until I stumbled upon Chew Nibble Nosh's post. I changed the cooking style, but overall this recipe is ridiculously easy and tasty as long as you have the spice ready. I couldn't find it at any local stores, but I was able to grab it from Amazon.

Zatar Salmon-3.jpg

Here's the one I bought. 

It's a Middle Eastern spice blend that went great with salmon, and would also go well with chicken or to season pita bread. I wish I could describe how it tastes past "delicious." You'll have to try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

What You'll Need

  • 2 8oz salmon filets
  • 2 Tbsp. Za’atar spice blend
  • 2 tsp. smoked sea salt (or kosher salt)
  • 2 tsp. olive oil
Zatar Salmon-2.jpg

I just love the color of fresh salmon, so I'm posting it here as well. :)

Zatar Salmon-4.jpg

Alright! Now we'll actually work. I deboned the salmon with my kitchen tweezers.

Zatar Salmon-5.jpg
Zatar Salmon-6.jpg

Mix together the za'atar spice and salt. Apply generously to the top of each salmon fillet.

Zatar Salmon-7.jpg

On the medium-high setting, heat up 2 teaspoons of oil on a large skillet. Once the oil is hot, place the salmon fillets top-down to cook for 3-5 minutes. 

Zatar Salmon-8.jpg

You might need to add a little extra oil before flipping the salmon. Otherwise cook the salmon on the other side for another 3-4 minutes, until cooked through and deliciously flaky. 

Zatar Salmon-9.jpg

After you turn the stove off the salmon will continue to cook for another 5 minutes or so, giving you time to prep the sides or plate the rest of the meal in the meantime. 

Serve with your favorite green veggies, rice, couscous or alone with Tzatziki sauce. Enjoy!

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